Keep these things in mind when beginning to register:

  1. The most updated version of your web browser (internet explore v10+, firefox, chrome, safari) is required for smooth sailing, as is a strong internet connection!
  2. Either a new account must be created or signing into previous account is necessary to register. If you've forgotten your information from previous years (or uses), email and she can assist you.
  3. Once inside the dashboard of the account, you can view all the important information required to be registered. "Add New Program" gets the ball rolling.
  4. Families can have one account for multiple students, but each student needs to have their information filled out separately within that account.  
  5. Please fill out each section of the registration, following all the prompts along the way.
  6. Be sure to select which session you or your student will be attending -- this is your group name + date you'll be at WM.
  7. Many youth pastors collect money directly and then pay Whisper Mountain on arrival. You DO NOT have to pay online. When you get to that part you can logout or go back to the dashboard section.
  8. Keep in mind the Emergency Contact must be different from the parent/guardian already listed.

If you find you still run into problems, please feel free to call our office at 828.479.2993 and ask for Cassi. Thanks for taking the time to register here. It helps the back end of the work for the office crew! 


Click below to start registering!